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Oculus Rift VR + Touch

$ 10.00 Per Day
Round Rock, TX 78664

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Oculus Rift

Rift's advanced display technology combined with its precise, low-latency constellation tracking system enables the sensation of presence; it is customizable, comfortable, adaptable and beautiful

Every aspect of Rift was designed to be easy, inviting and comfortable to use — and that extends to the VR environment; compatible games cross genres, including action RPGs, sci-fi shooters, mind-bending puzzles and more

Rift includes the headset, the sensor to translate your movements into VR, the Oculus remote, an Xbox One controller, and cables

Oculus Touch

This pair of tracked wireless controllers give you "hand presence" — the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own — taking interaction to the next level

Touch lets you intuitively manipulate all kinds of objects, and also add nuance to human expression with gestures like pointing, waving and giving a thumbs-up; traditional action buttons, thumb-sticks and analog triggers give you familiar inputs

Touch includes the two wireless controllers, a sensor, and a Rock Band connector

Per Day
$ 10.00
$ 300.00
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Available on all days except those hihglighted in red

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The rent will not be prorated. Even if you kept the item for less than a day, you are expected to pay the rental for the whole day. For e.g., if you keep the item for 1.5 days, you owe $20.

Inspect the items before renting. You will be responsible for the item after you have accepted it.

You are expected to take good care of the item when in your possession. All parts of the item should be returned as expected.

Note that a gaming PC is required for using Oculus Rift. Compatible PC specs can be found here ->

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