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Peak 450A Multi-Function Jump Starter

$ 5.00 Per Day
Austin, TX 78753

Listing Details

The Peak 450 Amp Jump Starter is convenient and safer to use, store and transport than traditional jump-start equipment. The Peak battery jump starter has a 12V DC charger that can be used with a vehicle outlet and a 120V AC wall charger. This item is suitable to use with cars, trucks, boats and more. It features LCA (Low Charge Alert) technology, and it has LED indicators to indicate the charging status, as well as a battery check button. The unit is also able to run or charge cell phones, radios and other accessories.

Peak 450A Jump Starter:

  • 450 amp (900 peak amp) jump starter
  • 12V DC power source
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, boats and more
  • Exclusive LCA (Low Charge Alert) technology
  • This Peak jump starter has a polarity indicator
  • Battery status check button
  • Charging / status LED indicators
  • On / off safety switch
  • High-impact rubber housing
  • 120V AC wall charger
  • 12V DC charger for use with vehicle outlet
  • Built-in work light

Per Day
$ 5.00
$ 20.00
Is Deposit Refundable?

Available on all days except those hihglighted in red

Owner''s Terms and Conditions

If you wish to rent the item for 4 or more days, the total rent will be no more than $20.

The rent will not be prorated. Even if you kept the item for less than a day, you are expected to pay the rental for the whole day. For e.g., if you keep the item for 1.5 days, you owe $10.

Make sure the unit is sufficiently charged before use.

If the item is not working, you are expected to inform me immediately.

You are expected to take good care of the item when in your possession.

The deposit is not applicable for online bookings. 

The deposit will be refunded at the time of returning the item. If the unit is damaged in your care, the deposit will not be refunded.

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